Soba choko

Soba choko is a cup of dipping soup (mentsuyu), for Zaru-soba (cold buckwheat noodle).
It is often made by pottery.
Like green tea cup we Japanese enjoy the tactile impression of that.
Nowadays, trial to use this for as shochu (distilled spirit) cup is performed.


Tonkatsu means a pork cutlet.
The pork cutlet is a Japanese food though it is a fly dish.
We eat putting the Worcester sauce on this.
Recently, crushing sesame seeds immediately before eating, and putting on the source become popular at a restaurant.

Charm of Pottery

As you know, the pottery, particularly earthenware matches every dishes.
The reason I guess is abstract design that flame and glaze create.
Diffusion of gradation to begin unexpectedly, smooth flow of glaze, scattered black points.
The human being cannot imitate such a natural action.
This is a limit of the pictures of the freehand drawing.
Please try to think.
In fields of the art such as picture, photograph, computer graphics, natural imitation has been always repeated from old days.
I like picture and photograph and, for the picture of the freehand drawing, never have the critical thought.
But I'm sure that you understand which is suitable as a container for food of natural form and dishes arranged coincidentally.


Happy New Year !

We Japanese has a custom to drink liquor on New Year's Day.
I had heard that " Bizen ceramic ware changes taste of the liquor into mildly".
So, I tried to test it and realized that taste of Sake became gentle.
I think as one of the reasons, grain of Bizen-yaki milden to drink.
I thought that it was interesting that the grain of tableware acted on taste of drink.
The Bizen-yaki is hard to absorb water as it baked firmly, and it is said suitable for drink.